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March 2010, Volume 60, Issue 3

My Experience With JPMA

Yasmin Wajahat - Member, Editorial Board, JPMA.


I feel honoured to share my brief working experience on the auspicious day of the completion of 60 years of the Journal of Pakistan Medical Association (JPMA). It is amongst the renowned journals of the country and is published monthly. Articles are not only contributed by national but also by international authors covering all the medical fields. Its student\\\'s section is well maintained by a team of enthusiastic senior students. The regularity and quality of the journal shows the dedicated work of the team, presently run under the supervision of Dr Fatema  Jawad.
My working association with the team of JPMA, though not very long, is full of learning in various dimensions. I started assisting the Editorial Board in the year 2008. During this period I learnt the basics, from making a file of the received manuscript, to edit and review articles. While working, one is better able to self evaluate one\\\'s own weaknesses as well as further develop her capabilities.
I found the working environment of JPMA to be very friendly and pleasant to work in. This encourages one to work with honesty, responsibility and interest. The main aim of the Editorial Board is to maintain the quality of the journal and to avoid plagiarism. For this purpose, the manuscripts are being sent to reviewers who are experts within the particular field.  To avoid and detect plagiarism, the articles are scrutinized extensively by the members. Thus, hard work and devotion are required to maintain the journal\\\'s standard.
Being a member of the team, I was able to avail a multitude of opportunities which arose at different occasions. These added   to one\\\'s learning in medical writing, gain confidence and enhance knowledge. Facilitating a session on \\\'Ethics and Medical Writing\\\' at a workshop held at Hamdard Medical Hospital, is one such example. Attending national and international conferences gave me an exposure to visit the regional countries and keep myself updated with the happenings in the related fields around the world. Exposure to the Eastern Mediterranean Association Journal of Medical Editors (EMAME) was a wonderful experience. Not only did this provide me with a broader vision of the editors but also gave me a chance to meet experts from places of different culture and languages. Such meetings contribute in learning to respect diversity and create a healthy and a competitive attitude in an individual which in turn helps in working hard.
Working with a team also allows one to improve their communication and interpersonal skills. Minor things which are often considered to be trivial do carry great significance. For instance timely acknowledgement of e-mails signifies respect towards the individual who has sent it. Respect is one of the basic human rights. In order to receive respect, it should be given to others. This is one of the mottos of JPMA. Additionally, exchange of small gifts at various occasions definitely improves relationships and instills in individuals the motivation to work as a responsible member of the team.
There is no doubt that in maintaining the status of the journal, an editor has an essential role to play. This needs devotion and keen interest. For this I would like to thank Dr. Fatema Jawad, Chief Editor of the journal who invests tremendous effort in capacity building of her colleagues. Working at the JPMA allows doctors of different fields to unite on this platform and work collectively as a family.

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