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March 2010, Volume 60, Issue 3

My Experience With JPMA

Sina Aziz - Associate Editor, JPMA.


My experience of JPMA started first as a reviewer when Prof. Zuberi (late) was the chief editor. I have now been given more responsibility and now have the responsibility of an Associate Editor. It has been a long way.
The work output of JPMA team and its dedication in my experience cannot be measured. The team is responsible for a lot of work, some of which includes reviewing manuscripts, editing and publication. Some call it a thankless job. However I enjoy it!
Above all there is a responsibility of trying to pacify authors whose papers are not accepted or published late. Then there are reviewers and authors who hold grudges occasionally and make it obvious. This brunt is taken by the JPMA team quietly. It is the chief editor who stands in the fore front and acts as shield. Who else can tolerate the grudge and odd behavior of the occasional so called learned people in a diplomatic manner? So I have learnt to have exceptional patience, tolerance and to be polite at all times no matter what the other person states. This is the policy of JPMA
Most of all, my personal learning curve increases with time at JPMA. My very brief description of JPMA and its team including the reviewers, editors, publication team and all others involved even our very enthusiastic student team is as described by the famous poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
"The heights by great men reached and kept were not attained by sudden flight, but they while there companions slept were toiling upwards in the night."

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