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March 2010, Volume 60, Issue 3

My Experience With JPMA

Dr. Mohammad Kashif Riaz - Sub-Editor, JPMA, Karachi.


I have been working in JPMA for a little over 2 years now. This experience I\\\'m sure will be one of the most memorable one that I will have in the coming years. The first thing that comes to my mind when I think about JPMA is hard work, dedication and discipline. All this has been achieved by JPMA over the years since it first started its publication in the 1950\\\'s. Here we should not forget to mention and honour the previous editors and their teams that worked hard over the years with the few resources they had at their disposal. Now we all owe it to our respected Chief editor Dr Fatema Jawad, who has dedicated her life to the journal. I have seen her working most of the time for the journal under any circumstances to meet the deadlines. It is her dedication that keeps us all going here in the JPMA office and her love for hardwork.
Back in 2008 when I joined JPMA I was a fresh graduate. I did not have any idea about medical writing and medical publications. It was all so new to me. With time I learnt the value of research and medical writing. Many of my views changed under Dr Fatema\\\'s guidance. I remember my first day here in JPMA when I sat quietly in a chair just observing and absorbing the kind of work that needed to be done around here. There were highs and lows which we all faced at our office. All ranging from a shortage of staff to no electricity and also being without a reliable internet service. Although working only in 2 small rooms with an addition of 2 store rooms and just 2 old computers back then; we progressed with time. The four rooms still remain but the atmosphere changed much with us having 3 new setups of computers and our 12 year old printer finally retiring for a new one and us getting a UPS for our office. All this has greatly helped the office in being more productive and the number of annual submissions have also increased drastically. I realised it is not the atmosphere but dedication that gets the work done around here. Our editor has helped all of us a lot in guiding us each day. Me, now being the sub-editor and also being one of our chief editor\\\'s right hand try my best to get the work done on time and within the time frame it requires. But we still face many hardships which I am sure we will overcome with time. The only problem that we still face at our office is the shortage of reliable reviewers from different fields and members for the editorial review board. All of us at JPMA work as a family and each and every individual give their 100% be it our chief editor, editorial review members, the student editors and our office incharge.
I still feel that I have a lot to learn and I look forward to a much brighter future of our journal.

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