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March 2010, Volume 60, Issue 3

My Experience With JPMA

Prof. Dr. Javed I. Kazi - Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation, Karachi.


My experience with JPMA dates back to 1986 when I had the first taste of a publication and the first taste of JPMA, both were equally exiciting. This was about publishing a case reportĀ  "Eosinophilic gastritis" in a patient who had gastric outlet obstruction and epigstric mass, clinically suspicious of malignancy, the ultrasound suggested an infiltrative process too, however the gastric biopsy revealed the correct diagnosis of a rare entity, Eosinophilic gastritis. The patient responded dramatically by a course of steroids. This was submitted as a case report which found its place readily in JPMA, however the images of the ultrasound were not impressive and I was given a bill of Rs.3000 for just one coloured photomicrograph. This amount was more than my monthly WHO scholarship as a post graduate student of pathology at BMSI,JPMC.
In the following years as half my papers from my Ph.D research went to JPMA and other half were published in international journals, I learnt that publishing in top international journals and in JPMA was equally easy, if the research was original, the methodology correct and the results contributed new knowledge. It was equally hard, if the research hypothesis and the study design were not upto the mark.
During my training in the university hospital, Cambridge, I badly missed JPMA from the university library, similar was my experience with the university library of Leicester U.K. in 1997, where I was doing my sabbatical.
I felt greatly honoured when I was approached by the present editor JPMA Dr Fatima Jawad to join as a member of the editorial board in 2005.
Working with JPMA gives me a feeling that Dr Fatima Jawad publish the journal single handedly just like her predecessor Dr. Sarwar Zubairi. Both of them share many qualities in common, selfless devotion and not compromising with standards.
Working with such dedicated persons you can only feel as if you are not doing justice, neither to yourself nor to the journal. The feelings of my part disappointment as an author in early days with the quality of printing, not with the content though, is largely explained.

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