March 2010, Volume 60, Issue 3

My Experience With JPMA

Itrat Mehdi - Department of Medical Oncology, African Oncology Institute, Libya.


I had the honour and privilege of being associated with JPMA from 1995-2002 as reviewer, member editorial board, and managing secretary. It has been and will always be an unforgettable part of my memory and an experience to be always proud of. I still remember one Saturday (Late) Dr. Sarwar Zuberi at PMRC asked me, "why don\\\'t you come to JPMA on Saturday afternoon, we need you there". That was the start of a regular Saturday afternoon engagement till the day I left Pakistan.
We as professional clinicians and practicing scientists are groomed by scientific knowledge, time, our teachers, experience and our seniors with time. We owe a lot for this scientific knowledge to the medical community. We must transfer our earned knowledge, experience, and practices to the new comers and next generation. This is integral to scientific growth, refining experience, and above all a satisfaction to our conscience that we are returning back the debt which might make the people to remember us with a good name.  This sounds superficially like a crazy and out dated thought in this era of moral and ethical paucity.
JPMA has been a bunch of these dynamic devout people who always had an approach above materialism. There in that back room of PMA house, every Saturday people used to gather, discuss the medical research in Pakistan, view and review the articles written by the scientific community in Pakistan well supported by the distant reviewers in a wake of never ending crises of financial under support.  We tried our best to make clinicians understand medical writing, collecting data, analyzing data, and motivated them for publishing it. If we made even 10% impact on the community I would be satisfied that the efforts were not in vain, which looks the case when you analyze the articles published in JPMA in a chronology.
Today I am not there but I for sure miss the Saturday evenings. I will not be honest if I don\\\'t acknowledge that for me at JPMA, was a period of immense learning and professional grooming. I appreciate it even more when I am pitched across professionals from different countries abroad. It makes a difference, and a big one.  I do acknowledge that what I gave to JPMA in terms of time and effort is nothing compared to what I learnt being associated with it.
I from here abroad, can only wishfully pray that JPMA gets due acknowledgement and appreciation in the clinical community especially from the young ones. I hope that it gets appropriate material and monetary support to continue it\\\'s never ending efforts in medical journalism in Pakistan.

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