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March 2010, Volume 60, Issue 3

My Experience With JPMA

Muhammad Fawwad Ahmed Hussain - Editor, Student\'s Corner, JPMA.


It\\\'s been more than two years for me to be a part of JPMA team. We had gone through many ups and downs in these years but overall it\\\'s full of engrossment. Before coming here the perspective of JPMA in the back of my mind was something huge due to the fact that it is one of the few indexed medical journals of Pakistan but when I first came here I was pretty much amused that this kind of quality work going underway in just four small rooms. From that day I started wondering that something extraordinary is running this office and in just few days I realized that it is the commitment of the staff especially of our chief, Dr. Fatema Jawad, which is holding all ends together.
It is little risible but true that in early days me and my friend Sajjad were handed over the work of punching the sheets and putting them in order in a file but its really the peculiarity of our editor that she made us proud even in doing such a simple work. Then in a month we were engaged in managing Student\\\'s Corner with the Student Editor of that time, Mr. Saqib Gowani, who was also very helpful.
During my experience in JPMA, I spent a wonderful time here and gained much knowledge and awareness from the guidance of my senior colleagues, my efforts and hard work have always been admired by the staff especially by our chief. But I have also noticed one thing that the staff members keep on changing frequently here, which is not a good indication and according to me it is the lack of devotion to the work, therefore in my point of view working here in JPMA needs lot of commitment and hard work.
I would also like to tell briefly about the Student\\\'s Corner which is a part of JPMA since January 1998, it is managed by the students themselves under the supervision of chief editor. Here students from all over the globe are welcome to submit their researches, especially from Pakistan. We receive a large number of articles regularly from medical students of Pakistan and from all over the world, especially from neighbouring countries who are eager to see their researches published in JPMA. We also welcome medical students to participate voluntarily and make their contributions for this journal.
In the end, I am very thankful to the entire team of JPMA for their kind support and for being very helpful throughout my job. It is one of the finest organizations of our country and being a responsible member, I want it to flourish more, for which I kindly request the officials of Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) to take keen interest for further development and progress of our organization as there is always room of improvement. I think we will have to start working to improve the impact factor of our journal by which quality of indexed journals are recognized globally. I wish that with the efforts from all corners one day it becomes the leading medical journal of the world, I also pray that all the members of this journal, including me, will continue to work as a family for the betterment of JPMA.

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