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March 2010, Volume 60, Issue 3

My Experience With JPMA

Amin A. Muhammad Gadit - Disciplne of Psychiatry, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada.


JPMA was known to me since my graduation year as a prestigious journal published by PMA. It was later in 1994 when I came back to Pakistan after completing my postgraduate training and joined a private medical university in Karachi, I met with the then Chief Editor, Dr. Sarwar Zuberi who was the moving spirit behind this journal. It was perhaps the first journal in Pakistan that was indexed with Medline. My involvement with PMA lead me to visit the journal\\\'s office where Dr. Zuberi was extremely busy with editorial reviews of the manuscripts. I wanted to get published in JPMA and as an initial step, I had to undergo a rigorous tuition and guidance by the chief editor. She was a very fair and unbiased person and despite all financial hurdles and pressures, she kept the torch burning. I was deeply excited when my first editorial was published in the year 1996. I had to work very hard in order to get my slot as Dr. Zuberi wanted it to be perfect. This fuelled a new energy in me for writing and getting published. I maintained a close contact with madam who was not only a seasoned researcher but an excellent tutor. I still remember the day, when phone rang in my office at Hamdard University Hospital, it was madam on the other side, in her firm and impressive voice she said " Would you like to join our editorial team?" It was a great honour to me and I did not hesitate for a minute in saying "yes madam, by all means". When I was publishing the first journal of Pakistan Psychiatric Society as an editor, she came to see me and my colleagues at Taj Complex and flooded us with wonderful advises as how to publish a superior journal. She vehemently said "Amin, you should never succumb to pressures for publishing low quality articles, maintain your integrity no matter whatever happens". After the demise of Dr. Zuberi, JPMA was in the hands of another lady of high personal integrity who is known for being firm, fair and courageous. This person is no one else but Dr. Fatema Jawwad. She burnt the midnight oil and strived harder to raise the standard of JPMA and therefore, hundreds of articles from Pakistan and abroad are pouring in. To me, the office of JPMA under the leadership of Dr. Jawwad is an academy of learning and excellence. I am a regular contributor, reviewer and serving on the editorial board for quite a few years now. I have learnt a lot during my association with JPMA and find the hard work of chief editor and her team has brought JPMA to the attention of international readers. This journal is held in high esteem both in Pakistan and abroad. It is making improvements in all spheres and I shall not be amazed when Dr. Jawwad will be successful in getting the facility for on-line submission of articles, reviews, decisions and subsequent publication.

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