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March 2010, Volume 60, Issue 3


Dr. Masood A. Shaikh - Chairman, JPMA.


It is really a very satisfying moment in the history of Pakistan Medical Association that it has achieved a landmark of sixty years in the publication of JPMA.The only indexed medical journal of Pakistan.
To have achieved this international standard has been an uphill task. It reflects the hard work and untold hours put into the publication of the journal. The most difficult and Herculean task has been of the Editor. The Late Dr. Surwer Zuberi with great dedication strived for many years to achieve a high standard for the JPMA. Her extensive knowledge and experience was instrumental in achieving this goal.
The same tradition has been carried on with the present Editorial staff headed by Dr. Fatema Jawad. Our reviewers have given their valuable time and suggestions and help to the editorial board for the improvement of the published articles.
The quality of work being published in JPMA is original work, where a large part of work being from research done in Pakistan. Not only our local scientists but also the medical fraternity from abroad seeks to publish their work in our journal which testifies to the international standard of our JPMA . The publication of this research has helped outline the problems in our population and their management. The postgraduates benefit from the experience of the researchers. This journal is also a source of inspiration for our young graduates to get involved in doing original research and publishing their findings. For any author to have his or her work accepted by their peers and JPMA is a matter of pride.
The Editorials are precise and on current medical problems both in disease and health care delivery. They are of interest to all physicians, surgeons and specialists. As the journal publishes work in all allied fields of medicine it is the most read and popular journal of the medical community of Pakistan. Efforts are always made to achieve a balance in all specialties without being biased to any particular area. At times related articles of similar topics are published in one issue so that the readers can get the best out of different authors working in different envoirments and facilities.
No Journal would be possible without the generous contribution of the pharmaceutical industry and JPMA would like to thank them for their never ending support. We are now working towards improving our journal even further to meet the ever changing demands of the international publications. As there is a back log of new work to be published we also wish to increase the volume of our issues. This will only be possible with the help of philanthropists and the pharmaceutical industry. We hope that they will come forward boldly with a share of a permanent bond to help achieve our goals.
Lastly the editorial board and members of our team would like to thank the medical community for their support of the past and with the hope that they will continue to work with us and encourage the younger doctors in all areas of research and medical writing. Our future lies in these scientific works for no amount of Western literature can replace our local experiences in our indigenous population and our environment.

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