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May 2020, Volume 70, Issue 5


COVID-19: Transforming Global Health

Authors: Dr. Fatema Jawad  ( Editor in chief Jpma )

It came as a storm-the minute invisible enemy COVID-19, hit many people all over the universe.  A large number left this world and the greatest scientists stood watching feeling helpless at its speed of devastating the health and economy of all countries.

Pakistan and its neighbours have suffered equally. Plunging more into poverty, loosing health and employment and looking at a bleak future which brings people into a state of depression. But we have to see to the brighter side. We have to find ways to first exercise preventive measures, educate our medical and para medical workers and provide support to the affectees.  As COVID-19 can affect all ages and all body systems it is a learning point for doctors of all specialties.

JPMA has been very lucky in having friends from around the globe. So it was Sanjay Kalra, our advisory Board Member from Karnal, India, a strong supporter of JPMA and myself who took the decision to launch this special issue covering all aspects of this challenge to understand our foe, COVID-19. We wrote to well known experienced scientists from countries around the globe to join hands in this endeavour. It was a great encouragement that all agreed to submit their articles within two weeks to help us save time. The post submission procedures were done working from home with the maximum contribution by Ramsha Zaheer, our brilliant young board member. The credit of the lay-out goes to Adil Ahmed.

The supplement includes all sections related to the Novel Corona Virus. Written by experienced professionals, it covers prophylaxis, diagnostics, management on all aspects with vigilance of all systems, how does COVID affect the eyes, ENT and Gastro-intestinal tract, children and pregnant women, nursing care, a coverage of clinical trials already started and a very knowledgeable article is on Establishing a quarantine centre by Sahibzada Nasir Mansoor The supplement ends with a letter by two optimistic students looking at the silver lining- the good changes brought in by the pandemic.

All the countries are facing difficulties of various grades and trying to develop means and therapies to overcome the pandemic. But we know that Sickness comes on horseback but departs on foot (Dutch Proverb). One day the pandemic will be history leaving behind tremendous research and new forms of treatment. Let all of us learn from this supplement  "COVID-19-Transforming Global Health Care", the new means of managing this warfare and making our patients feel safe and comfortable.


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