March 2010, Volume 60, Issue 3


Dr. Sarwar Chaudhry - President, Pakistan Medical Association (Centre).


With 60 years completed since the journal started its publications, I can say with high degree of confidence that the Journal of Pakistan Medical Association (JPMA) has been as prestigious and authentic as any medical journal of developed countries and none of the stalwarts of the association and authors whose works has never been published in the Journal can blame biases on the team, that the priority in publishing in the journal depends on strong links with stakeholders of the Association,  editors and the editorial boards of the past and present.
Research is fundamental in advancement of any profession, specially the field of medicine widely depends on exploration and requires continuous research and its publishing, so that the medical professionals could learn about the advancements and population could be benefited.
Unfortunately in our country the health care has always been the lowest priority of the governments and so do the medical research. What ever little work has been done is due to individual\\\'s own interest, therefore we don\\\'t see medical profession in Pakistan putting indelible mark on human health and increasing life expectancy.
Ever-since my youth days, as a young doctor several times I planned to follow my passion and do research but couldn\\\'t find the opportunity to take the task seriously and continued to remain busy in earning bread and butter for my family, and now after over 40 years in the field of medicine and as the president of the Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) (Center), I can contribute only with the words of appreciation for the team of JPMA for doing excellent work all this time with such meagre resources.
At the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the JPMA I must acknowledge our previous editor Late Dr. Sarwar Jehan Zuberi for her contributions to medical research and keeping this journal running for over 2 decades by working religiously towards maintaining high standards of the Journal on one hand and producing astute medical scientist through training and giving them opportunity to do research work under her mentorship.
The current editor Dr. Fatema Jawad cannot be admired less than the previous editors for maintaining transparency and   publishing quality work started 60 years back, she complemented Dr. Zuberi for many years and is now carrying the responsibility with little support. I hope the young doctors working in her mentorship will emerge as her successors and other young doctors who have passion for research will emerge as judicious medical scientists and will contribute towards the advancement of medicine.
I will conclude with the hope and wish that the journal will continue serving the medical profession for eons and will continue publishing research work from diverse medical specialties.

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